In 1978 with a recession in Hong Kong, Stella Choi like many of our young people in Ireland these days had no choice but to emigrate from her homeland in search of work, she arrived in Ireland and started working as a kitchen porter in a restaurant in Dublin. Within a few years Stella had saved up enough money to open her own chip van, in 1988 she opened her first restaurant in Clondalkin, a restaurant which still is very much part of the community to this day: Victoria. Stella subsequently partnered with her brother Frederick Choi to open Victoria Garden in Johnstown, Naas and Victoria House in Kildare. In 2007 Stella partnered with her good friend Jenny Ching to open Victoria Asian Cuisine in Monkstown. The four Victoria restaurants are managed by a team of professional, friendly and creative staff: in our Clondalkin restaurant our team is led by manager Deep Mingoi, our Johnstown restaurant is managed by Carlos Tsoi, our Kildare restaurant is managed by Andy Tsang and our Monkstown restaurant is managed by Keen Ching. Stella, Frederick and Jenny can always be found working within the kitchen and floor of each restaurant. If you have any enquirers please do not hesitate to contact any of the managers, their details are below:

Victoria Clondalkin: deep@victoriarestaurants.ie

Victoria Johnstown: carlos@victoriarestaurants.ie

Victoria Kildare: andy@victoriarestaurants.ie

Victoria Monkstown: keen@victoriarestaurants.ie